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How to Get Your License Reinstated After a DUI

license reinstatement after dui

Have you had your license suspended or revoked because of a DUI? Worried you’ll never get your license reinstated? Well, the road to license reinstatement is long and hard and would be almost impossible without the professional expertise of a defense attorney.

Driving with a suspended license in Nevada is a serious offense, and the consequences can be major. In fact, you can even end up in jail for it! It may be tempting to drive on a suspended license rather than taking the necessary steps to get your license reinstated, but the risks and penalties are not worth it!

Not sure how license suspension and reinstatement works in Las Vegas? Or what you can do to get back behind the wheel? In this article, we’re covering the ins-and-outs on how to get your license reinstated after a DUI, and how a DUI attorney can help!

Contest Your License Revocation 

The best option is to avoid getting your license revoked in the first place. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Nevada, you have 7 days to request a DMV hearing to prevent your license from being revoked. 

The scope of the hearing is usually focused on the following things:  if you failed to submit to an evidentiary test, if your blood alcohol level was above the legal limit, and/or if the officer who ordered the test had reasonable grounds. 

If the arresting officer does not make an appearance in court your chances of avoiding license revocation are high. Surprisingly, this happens often. 

Contesting a license revocation can be quite tricky, so it’s beneficial to have a DUI lawyer to represent you during this process. If you win this hearing, your license will be returned to you following the end of the case.

Install an Ignition Interlock Device

A first time DUI license revocation period is 185 days. However, it is possible to have your license reinstated prior to the end of your revocation period. Once a DUI suspects installs an ignition interlock device on the vehicles they operate they may request to have their driving privileges reinstated. 

Proof of installation, payment of reinstatement fees, and proof of SR-22 insurance will be required. A driver’s license with Restriction Y will be issued by the DMV when all of these conditions are met.

Complete Suspension Conditions

In order to get your license reinstated, you have to meet the conditions of your suspension.  This includes completion of mandatory sentencing conditions such as drug or alcohol treatment.

Pass the Necessary Tests

In Nevada, there are a series of tests you may need to pass to get your license reinstated. You may be required to take a vision test, as well as a driving knowledge test. And if your license has been suspended for over a year, you'll also have to ace a driving skills test. 

Pay Reinstatement Fees

Depending on the circumstances of your suspension, you’ll have to pay a variety of reinstatement fees. These fees will include any tests you take, as well as reinstatement fees for alcohol and drug-related offenses. The Nevada DMV or your attorney can tell you which ones would be applicable to your scenario.

Why You Need an Experienced DUI Attorney

Losing your license can have devastating consequences on your life. So, if you want your license reinstated quickly, your best bet is to have an expert DUI attorney on your side. There are several different paths to getting your license reinstated and an attorney will guide you through the process to get you back on the road as fast as possible.

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