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4 Defense Strategies to Get Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed

domestic violence defense

Are you facing domestic violence charges? No doubt, getting domestic violence charges dismissed in court isn't just a case of wishful thinking – it's a tangible reality.

Having a domestic violence defense lawyer in your corner is essential to avoiding the penalties for domestic violence charges.

No two domestic violence cases are exactly the same. This is why each case demands special attention. Depending on the circumstances of your case, your attorney may employ one or more defense strategies.

Learn how the team at Hill Firm successfully fights and wins for you.

1. Self-Defense

Many defendants claim to have turned violent against their complainants as an act of self-defense.

Your self-defense case may work if you are able to prove in court that the complainant posed a threat to your life and that you didn’t provoke the confrontation.

Self-defense is the most common approach defendants use to argue their way to innocence.

2. Wrong Suspect

Did you surprisingly find yourself in police custody without a clue why only to later find out that someone accused you of domestic violence? It is possible to get confused for someone else.

But if you have an alibi or you can present evidence showing that you were at a different place when the offense is said to have occurred then you can prove your innocence.

3. False Allegations

It could be that your accuser reported you for domestic violence knowing that you are innocent. Jealousy, control, revenge, or spite can all play a role leading to someone making false allegations of abuse. If you can prove your accuser had motive to make false allegations against you it can help your case. 

Owing to the complexity of such a case, it is crucial that you seek the help of experienced domestic violence defense attorneys.

They will cross-examine your accuser as well as witnesses in court to look for inconsistencies in their statement. If they reveal any inconsistencies in their arguments, they will use the discrepancies in your favor.

4. Lack of Evidence

If the prosecutor is unable to present adequate proof that you perpetrated domestic violence, then you can’t be penalized.

Your attorney can get you acquitted by finding fault and lack of evidence in the plaintiff’s case.

Domestic Violence Defense Is What Hill Firm Does Best

Getting domestic violence charges dismissed isn’t an easy thing, but an experienced criminal defense attorney can help get your charges dropped, your case dismissed, or an acquittal. If you want to avoid the harsh penalties associated with a domestic violence conviction you need an attorney by your side. 

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