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Question to Ask Your DUI Attorney

Meeting with DUI attorney

When it comes to hiring an attorney for a driving under the influence (DUI) charge, it is best to come prepared with any questions or concerns the client may have. Writing these items down will only help the meeting be more productive and will help put some of the client’s concerns at ease.

If coming up with questions to ask is difficult, below are a few to help get the process started.

How Much of the Attorney’s Practice is in DUI Cases?

It is wise to ask how much of the attorney’s practice is dedicated to DUI cases or whether these types of cases are just done on the side, while the attorney focuses on more areas.

It can help to hire an attorney or firm that handles a great majority of DUI cases because that means not only will the attorney be up-to-date on the latest in DUI laws but he or she will know the court system, the judges, as well as prosecutors handling the cases. It helps if that attorney has a working relationship already with the other side and feels comfortable negotiating plea deals but also taking cases to court when appropriate.

One question that many clients have is how many cases have been won, and while that question is understandable and a good one to ask, it can also be a loaded question. It ultimately depends on the specific case, the facts behind the case and the client’s history.

“Winning” is also a subjective term. Many clients will consider a successful plea deal a win while others may only consider going to trial and having the charge dismissed successful.

Give an Assessment of the Case

During this initial meeting, the attorney will want to hear from the client what happened. Once he or she gets the facts of the case, the attorney can give a good assessment of the case and what is recommended.

Does the attorney believe the case can be fought in court, or is a guilty plea a possibility?

What are the possible defenses that can be raised given the facts of what happened?

What are the Possible Outcomes, Good and Bad, for the Case?

It is also best to come prepared with a realistic picture of what to expect. Have the attorney listen to the facts of the specific case and get a good idea of what can go right but also what can go wrong. An attorney that deals with a lot of DUI cases will have a good idea of what the possibilities will be.

The attorney is not going to be able to predict the future and what will happen, but he or she may have seen a case similar to the client’s and can give a good prediction of what should be expected.

How Does the Attorney Prefer to Communicate?

Many attorneys are old school and prefer telephone communication with the client, but others prefer electronic communication such as email or even text. Ask the attorney how he or she prefers clients contact the office.

Also ask how quickly the attorney returns messages so that the client can have realistic expectations.

It also helps to get an idea on who else will be working with the attorney on the case. What paralegals or support staff will be working with the client? Does the attorney prefer the client communicate with the support staff first?

It may also help to know if the attorney will be working with other associates in the firm on the matter. Who will be handling the hearings?

How Much Will This Cost?

This question is one of the biggest ones at the back of any potential client’s mind when coming to a meeting. Legal fees can be a scary thought, so ask the attorney what the fee agreement will be.

Will it be a retainer, or does the attorney operate on a flat fee? Ask about hourly rates and how often the client will be billed.

It may also help to go through the specifics on what type of court costs, fines and other financial costs the client will incur if he or she is found guilty of a DUI or related crime.

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